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Jaiku is the Future Unfolding Today

My PR firm – Vineberg Communications – just signed We’re really excited about working with these guys.

Jaiku is where you can share your lifestream (personal thoughts, photos, blog, etc.) at one location and connect with friends doing the same. You can post “Jaikus” – thoughts about what you’re doing, what you’re feeling, where you’re going. You can comment on friends’ posts, track what they’re up to, and have a conversation. You can include personal feeds (FlickR, LastFM,, Google, etc.) in your online presence. And if you use a Nokia S60 compatible phone, Jaiku mobile lets you receive personal location and availability updates and rich, presence information on friends and contacts.

I love so many things about this as I dig into it. Life moves so quickly these days that we lose our thoughts, we fail to record feelings, and life is a blur. And many people are challenged by the idea of writing long-form blog entries.

Now you can simply jot down a thought, an idea and through these Jaikus you end up with a dairy of the moment that’s easy to do.

screenshot_jaikuThere’s a terrific interview with co-founder Jyri Engeström at 606 Tech that gets into some of the sociological factors underlying the service. Jyri is a deep thinker.

Finally, DigitalCraig has a great roundup of tools you can use to make Jaiku more functional for posting from mobile devices.

What I’d love to happen is that you all get a free account on Jaiku. Add me as a contact. And get in the habit of posting what you’re up to. The cool thing about this is that Jaiku is the future unfolding today. And with each contribution, you can not only shape this technology and evolve it, but you can put your energy into the universe of thoughts and ideas.

So what are you waiting for?

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