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How Do We Know an Idea is a Good One

image001You get an idea and you’re inspired by it. So how do you know if it’s a good idea that will lead you forward?

That’s a great question. I approach ideas as gifts. When I play the guitar extemporaneously, the music comes through me as free flowing ideas; I rarely have my mind turned on…I just play.

Ideas can feel right on, but there are shades of grey, too. For me the key to knowing is in the stillness of a moment when I’m not thinking – I’m feeling an idea’s essence. If it inspires me, it’s good.

Ideas drive almost every aspect of my life and being. So how does one feel and access ideas?

STAY IN THE MOMENT – Give full attention to each moment. You will hopefully get into a quiet, profound space where in the quietude of your mind, ideas emerge as pure inspiration. Quite often I see an idea and its full implementation side by side, at the same time. I can then explore the idea virtually in my higher mind, and get a sense of how the idea might feel and play out. It is then fairly easy to reverse engineer the path to its full realization.

– Even if you feel an idea is awesome, others might not. Non-supportive friends can diminish ideas for any number of reasons and cause insecurity. I say hang with people you trust , who nurture and support you, and who believe in you. With that kind of support your ideas can blossom and one can achieve anything. Get to a point of Trust with yourself, too and the possibilities are unlimited.

SUCCESS BRINGS MORE IDEAS – Every time you succeed with an idea, you expand the idea pipeline and create the possibility for more ideas. So keep dreaming and doing and work very hard.

FINDING AN IDEA IN THE PIPELINE – The pipeline is a direct connection from your intuitive mind to a higher world of ideas. The best way to foster a personal idea pipeline is put yourself in environments that nurture the flow. Meditation helps alot. For me it is the best pathway to feeling, knowing and experiencing ideas. Nature hikes (see pic of me — small blue guy on left), swimming, blogging, writing music, playing guitar, piano and flute, and working up successful strategies and solutions for clients and friends: these all open up my idea pipeline. Stay active because ideas can be hard to find or get stale unless you’re constantly working at it.

GRATITUDE – Be thankful for the ideas that come to you and through you. They are true gifts and blessings.

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