Live Powerfully and Soulfully Every Moment

93apulakThe myriad and most profound lessons of my life I owe to decades of personal study with the multi-gifted and remarkable Guru Sri Chinmoy. Among those lessons I try to recall through daily meditation is one I reflected on today.

Live powerfully and soulfully every moment.

Living powerfully is engaging with all of yourself and staying laser focused on the (immediate, short, medium or long term) goal 1000%. When that occurs a “Higher Energy” can channel through you.

Living soulfully is consciously feeling and “knowing” that you’re merely an instrument for the activity occurring through you. And in that consciously soulful state, that higher energy “Voice” expresses itself through whatever you’re doing – inventing, creating, thinking, aspiring, speaking, dreaming.

“He who soulfully listens can powerfully speak.”
-Sri Chinmoy

San Francisco is such a hot tech town for innovation, invention and sheer brilliance, seeming to manifest in all its aspects. I was feeling today many of my friends who are drawn to and living here and how they are nurtured by this unique spot on the planet. They really thrive here and I’m understanding how I do, too. And I wondered how much of it is because unconsciously or consciously, so many are living powerfully and soulfully — often at the same time — and success simply comes to them.


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