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NASA AMES…Getting Mooned Again

LCROSS_Centaur_Sep_small-1I remember joyfully when Mom used to let me cut school for NASA launches and re-entries. Had I had more of a mathematical and scientific personality vs a creative, ADD mentality, I might have become a pilot or astronaut.

I have spent the majority of this great life exploring inner space through meditation with Guru Sri Chinmoy and that’s been an extraordinary, life-changing experience.

Still, I’m still really excited that NASA’s Ames facility in Silicon Valley is managing the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) mission. This is a pretty cool effort to help determine if there is water hidden in the permanently dark craters of one of the moon’s poles.

NASA plans to crash a vehicle into the moon’s south pole and fly a partner craft through the huge plume created by the crash to analyze it for signs of water and other compounds. Additional space and earth-based instruments also will study the plume, which scientists expect to be larger than 200 metric tons.

If there are substantial amounts of water ice there, it could be used by astronauts to make rocket fuel when they later visit the moon. The $79 million crash is expected to take place in October.

I’m all for going to the moon and Mars while dealing with all the other financial and social exigencies on earth. Space exploration has, in past, challenged America to brilliant innovation, and resulted in all kinds of new products and services.

And we must redirect the innovation driving America’s weapons industry into clean tech, space tech and other more peaceful manifestations of science.

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PR: When Times Get

42-15483590Times are going to be tough for tech companies moving forward. Venture Capital firms are advising their portfolio companies to tighten up on spending, especially in areas of PR and marketing. We agree.Times will be tough. So what are the implications?Companies need to work harder, faster, smarter.

Innovation will drive us ahead.

Marketing and PR (including social media) need to be truly integrated like never before.

These are not fun times and as someone who lived through the Internet bust, it’s going to feel strange. But reality is where we are.

Companies cannot stop growing. They need to move forward. How?

It’s more important than ever for companies to shed their high budget, high infrastructure PR firms and opt instead for a leaner and higher performing alternatives.

That’s where my firm, Vineberg Communications, plays well. We couple business strategy and PR/social media in ways that elevate our clients to leadership and drive metrics important to their success. And rather than post junior staff to your account, we post experienced pros at every corner of your business. This is the value we bring to market during high and low times.

Accelerating success has always been our value proposition and it remains so. Because it’s more important than ever that success is found fastest, especially now.

If you’d like to find out how we can help your company thrive in these tough times, ping me and lets have a conversation.

Now is the time to race past those of your competitors who sit idly by. Now is the time to accelerate success.

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Explore with Great Thinkers at TED

The TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference brings together people from worlds of technology, entertainment, design and more. Each speaker gives about an 18 minute talk. It’s worth checking out video highlights from past conferences and exploring the future with some really brilliant minds (and hopefully hearts). What’s Next in Tech?

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